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Angels in 2019

After nap play

Group play


Angels in 2018

Halloween Trick and Treat

Circle Time Group

Easter Celebration

Mothers Day Artwork

Group Picture with Asha

Nature Walk

Outdoor time in backyard

Walking to the park

Angels in 2017

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Lunch




Play outside - Janani, Ravya and Arlo

Play Room


Feeding Time

Yoga Time

Indoor Play Time

Play Time


Angels in 2015 and 2016


Fall Season Play

Harrison and Janani

Angels in 2013

Kieran, Kabir, Adit and Allyson

Angels in 2012

Allyson, Kieran and Kabir

Kabir Birthday

Angels Graduated in 2011

Group Picture of Makenna, Callum, Juliana and Molly. All are looking in different directions.

Outdoor water play

Finger Painting

My youngest daughter was accepted in Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University.

Elodie Birthday Celebration

Angels who graduated from my care in 2010

Julian, Braith and Ella graduated from my care in 2010 and went to the pre-school. I sometime feel that I took care of them and when they started to talk to me and developed a bond, they moved. But, on the other hand, it is necessary for them to move to the new settings and new environment which will accelerate their learning in a larger group. I prepared them for the next stage of life and I hope that they continue with their accelarated learning process.

Easter Group Picture

Ella's Birthday Celebration

Fun at Circle Time

I am also taking my classes to earn my degree and I hope to get 2 more certificate in child care if I can keep up with my workload.

Another good news - Elodie got her baby brother on Wednesday, May 25th. Baby and mother are doing fine and Elodie brother's name is Callum - isn't that a very nice name. Callum is the Scottish form of Columba, late Latin "dove", the name of a sixth century Scottish saint, one of the patron saints of Scotland.

Julian dancing to joel plaskett

My 5 Angles in 2009

I had 5 baby boys in whole of 2008 keeping me very busy whole day. I was praying that I should get some girls to have a good mix. I now have 3 very energetic boys and 2 sweet girls.

Liam in my care

Liam is 9 months old but he is the leader of the whole group. He competes with everyone.

Ella in my care

Ella is a very simple, smiling with dimples in her cheeks. She is very much attached to me calling Asha!, Asha! every time.

Braith in my care

Braith is a happy young boy who is very attached to his grand-ma calling her Mi-Mi everytime.

Elodie in my care

Elodie is a very active, social and energetic girl. She is very much attached to me.

Julian in my care

Julian has been in my care since he was 6 months old. It is amazing to see how intelligently and clearly he talks now. He is the senior most angel in my care.

Julian and 3 generations

Group pictures - 2009

Indian Food Day - Every Thursday

Group pictures - 2008

My 5 Angles in 2008

It is very difficult to get a picture of 5 young ones. Out of many pictures I took, this one seems to be the one where they were in all good mood to give me a nice picture.

William in my care

William is starting in my care and he is 17 months old. His first day was very good and he is adjusting to new environment quickly.

Elliot in my care

Elliot started in my care when he was 11 months old. He has started walking and likes to roam around everywhere. This is amazing to see toddlers when they start walking.

Hana in my care

Hana started in my care when she was only a year old. Hana means a flower in Japanese. She is very happy and she is a very calm girl. She is doing very well and learning new things very fast.

Malani and Matthew Graduation - 2007

Malani was only 9 months old when her parents allowed me to take care of her. Malani is a very sweet girl who always helped me to put everything in order and at the right place after our playing activity. She was very caring for me and listened to me always. She is very sharp and intelligent. I am very glad that she is doing very well in her pre-school and getting along well with her peers. She comes occasionally with her brother Rajan who is now in my care.

Matthew started in my care when he was only 3 months old. His older brother Nicholas was also in my care. Matthew is a very sharp and intelligent boy and I miss him.

Rajan's Birthday

Rajan started in my care when he was only 3 months old and we celebrated his first birthday. He is a wonderful toddler who is very swift and attentive.

Easter's Party

Some of the pictures of our Easter's party.

Julian in my care

Julian's wonderful mom and dad brought him to my care when he was only 6 months old. Julian is a wonderful and cute boy. He is doing very well.

Nicholas Graduation

Nicholas was only 3 months old when his wonderful mom brought him to my care. Nicholas is the sweetest boy one can ever wish in their life. He is turning 3 years old on this coming Sunday and is graduating from Angel Family Home Daycare. He will be moving to pre-school and my heart is very heavy as I am going to miss him a lot. But, I am also happy that I did my part to make him ready to move on to his next journey of life.

Nicholas today came dressed in a sweet Indian outfit and he posed for pictures in front of the camera like a perfect hero of Bollywood movies.

Nicholas is poised for a successful life backed by his strong family background. He has very special qualities that I observed in him.

  • He is the only exceptional child who never got any timeout in my care.
  • He has very sharp memory.
  • He learns very fast and I strongly encourge his parents to nourish his reading habits.
  • He is a perfect fit to study in Princton or Harvard.
  • If he says *NO* to something, you can not make him to do that thing. This is a strong character streak which makes him very strong. My youngest daughter exhibited same quality when she was little.

Matthew is a litte brother of Nicholas and now he will be alone without him in my care. He is becomming very naughty but he loves me very much.

A liitle baby who gets lots of attention and care from Matthew.

Daycare facility

Facilities do not replace love for children but they are just as important.

Now substantially improved

  • Fully compliant with NC State regulations with respect to quality and safety.
  • Sanitized areas and equipments to ensure health and hygiene of children.
  • Regular fire drill for children as mandated by State of North Carolina.
  • Adequate open safe space for children to play outside, weather permitting.

Care for your child

I understand the emotions experienced by you in separating from infants. I provide a warm, nurturing environment, which will help to ease your mind during this period of separation. I pay careful attention to your instructions regarding feedings, naps, diapering and other concerns. I comply with NC State regulations for diapering sanitization instructions fully.

I will communicate information about your child's day to you through the use of a daily written record and by personal contact. A variety of activities will fill your child's day, including quiet and active play, fine and gross motor activities and visual and auditory stimulation.

In my family home daycare, your infant and babies are in an ideal small group size to develop strong attachments to me. I genuinely love babies and I am prepared to respond to their needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your baby will be able to eat and sleep when their own bodies dictate rather than a clock schedule but at the same time I provide them a predictable environment in which they will feel secure. Also, I provide them a safe yet stimulating environment in which they are free to explore as opposed to confining your babies to playpens or cribs for unreasonably long portions of the day.

I will take care of the special developmental, social, intellectual and physical needs of your child through cooperative group and parallel play, large and small motor skill activities and language development.

According to individual readiness and parents' instructions, I work with toddlers to develop self-help skills in eating and toilet training. Children will participate in dramatic play, music, arts and crafts, science and food experiences all geared to their level of interest and ability.

After I greet your child to my daycare, I interact with your child for following tentative activities but not limited to:


  • Schedule Feeding
  • Watch Short Cartoon Movies (two times per week)
  • Simple Craft for Fun Block Activities
  • Fun Games
  • Learning Rhymes
  • Alphabets Flashcards
  • A nursery rhyme or story with a corresponding project
  • Language development
  • Labeling and describing objects and events
  • Helping children put feelings into words


  • Read Stories
  • Simple Craft for Fun Block Activities
  • Watch short cartoon movies (two times per week)
  • Learning Alphabets
  • Spelling Scramble
  • Picture Book Dictionary
  • Elementary Math Games
  • Art Projects

Contact information


Angel Family Home Daycare is conveniently located for people working in RTP (IBM, Cisco, Glaxo etc), Duke University and South West Durham.

Our Address is:

1010 Goldenview Ct,
Durham, NC, 27713


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From Apex or Cary (On 55W towards Durham):
  • Turn LEFT (West) onto Sedwick Dr - 1.2 mi
  • Turn RIGHT (North) onto Grandale Dr - 0.9 mi
  • Turn Left onto Park Glen Place and turn left on Goldenview Ct. Angel Daycare is 1010 and it is near the cul-de-sac.
From Durham (On I-40E):
  • Take Exit 276 on Ramp (East) SouthPoint Mall / Fayetteville Rd
  • Turn RIGHT (South) onto Fayetteville Rd, then turn LEFT (East) onto Herndon Rd (at 2nd Stop Light) - 0.7 mi
  • At Stop Sign Bear LEFT (East) onto Barbee Rd - 0.2 mi
  • Turn RIGHT (South) onto Grandale Dr - 0.7 mi
  • Turn Right onto Park Glen Place and turn left on Goldenview Ct. Angel Daycare is 1010 and it is near the cul-de-sac.
From Raleigh (On I-40W):
  • Take Exit 278 on Ramp (West) - 0.2 mi NC-55 / NC-54 / Apex
  • Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-55 - 0.4 mi
  • Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-54 - 0.6 mi
  • Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-54 [Chapel Hill Nelson Hwy] - 0.6 mi
  • Turn LEFT (South) onto Barbee Rd - 0.4 mi
  • Turn LEFT (South) onto Grandale Dr - 0.7 mi
  • Turn Right onto Park Glen Place and turn left on Goldenview Ct. Angel Daycare is 1010 and it is near the cul-de-sac.