Parent / Guardian Handbook

Enrollment Policy

There are a few forms that must be completed and in my possession before I can assume the responsibility of caring for your child. There are no exceptions! You are required to keep me informed of any change in address, telephone numbers, and any other pertinent information on these forms as they arise, including notifying me of additional childhood immunizations.

I do charge an enrollment/registration fee of $35 per child, which is due at signing of service level agreement. The enrollment/registration fee is non refundable. Any questions regarding the completion of the forms, please feel free to ask.

Holding a Space

If it is decided by you and me, that your child will enroll in Angel Family Home Daycare, but you will not be placing your child(ren) with us until a later date, a ›holding fee› will need to be paid plus the above enrollment fee. Deposit and enrollment fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you decide (for any reason) that you will not be enrolling your child(ren) after all.

Open Door Policy

I maintain an open door policy for parents/guardians during your service level agreement hours. My doors may be keep locked for the safety of the children. I would appreciate your taking into consideration my schedule when dropping in or calling, and remembering that visitors (even parents) usually cause the children to react in an excited manner that does not normally occur when I am alone with them. Please understand that I am taking care of children and may not have time to sit and talk on the phone or in person. I ask that drop offs and visits be not made during the daily nap/rest time. If you need to pick up your child during this time, please let me know in the morning so that I may have your child waiting for you and the other children are not disturbed.

I take great pride in providing a safe, healthy, and loving home for you to bring your children to each and every day. Your child's growth and happiness is very important to me, so please always feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with me. Open communication between parents and the daycare provider are very important for the needs of the children. If a lengthy conference is needed, a time that is convenient for both of us will be scheduled, as other children still need my attention during caring hours.

Trial Period

There is a 2-week (10 calendar days) trial period beginning on your child's first day of care. During this time, the childcare agreement can be terminated with 24 hours notice. After the trial period, one month written notice is required. Any and all pre-paid fees are non-refundable.

Arrivals / Departures

Please send your child(ren) clean, well rested and dressed for the day. It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents in the morning or not wanting to leave when its time to go home. Please be very brief during these transition times. The longer you prolong the departure the harder it can get, and I need to focus my attention on all the children. In my experience, children are almost always quick to get involved in play or activities as soon as parents are gone.

You are responsible for your child during drop off/pickup up times, please be in control of your child(ren). I will only release your child(ren) to the parent/guardian or someone else you designate. If someone else is to pick up your child, please notify me ahead of time. I MUST have written permission to release your child whether or not they are on your contact list. Please inform emergency contact, or people designated to pick up your child, that if I do not know them, I would need to see a photo ID, I will not let a child leave without a parents written permission..


Your specific rates will be outlined in your service level agreement. I collect advance payment at the start of the month. All other fees (late, overtime, etc) are due in the week they were made. Payments may be made by check or cash and made payable to Asha Khatri (and not Angel Family Home Daycare). No post-dated checks will be accepted.

You must still pay for your child's scheduled time - regardless of whether or not your child is here. Those days and times are reserved for your child (see vacations and absences for exceptions). If you or your child is ill, your payment is still expected on Friday unless other arrangements have been made. If I close the daycare due to my own illness or emergency, there will not be any charge. At this time, I do not have any substitute to provide services in case of my own illness or emergencies.

Daily Rates







Note: The above rates are only tentative. The service level agreement will show agreed upon rate.

Late Pickup/Early Drop Fee

I will waive three late pickups not spanning more than 15 minutes. After that, you will be charged $5.00 per 15 minutes or any portion of.

This is strictly enforced and you will be billed for early/late times. Repeated late pickups/early drop offs can be grounds for termination of services (with all fees due and payable). Please choose your drop off and pick up times carefully before signing the service level agreement.

Examples 1-15 minutes $5; 16-30 minutes $10. This also applies if your service level agreement drop off time is 8 am even though daycare is open at 7 am (unless other arrangements have been made).

Late Payment Fee

I will charge a late payment fee of $15 per day if payment is not received on time inclusive Saturday and Sunday. If fee is not paid by the Monday morning, services will be halted until the outstanding balance is paid. Continued late payments will result in termination of services (with all fees due and payable).

Returned Check Fee

I will charge $25 plus any additional costs I may incur for any returned checks. Services will be halted until I receive full payments in CASH. In addition, I will only accept cash payments from that point forward.


I will supply you with a year-end summary of all childcare fees, paid for the year for tax purposes. This will be given by the end of each year or when services are terminated.

Hours of Operation

Angel Family Home Daycare is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon - Fri. The service level agreement that you will sign will designate the hours (be sure to include fair commute travel time) I have agreed to care for your child(ren) and must not exceed 9 hours per day. You agree to have my care for your child(ren) during your working hours ONLY. I require one week's notice in writing if you need to change your enrollment hours. I reserve the right to terminate our childcare arrangement if your new hours will not work (with all fees due and payable).

Vacations and Absences

There will be eight vacations and two sick leaves (Total 10 paid vacations) per year. The total number of vacations will be prorated based upon number of days your child is in my care. I will give a notice of at least 2-4 weeks before any closed days with the exception of emergencies or illness. I will give you one-day credit for the day if I am not able to provide service for my personal emergency or any other reason (excluding holidays, road/school closings and state of emergencies, they are paid!)

Typically, we do not close on snowy or bad weather days. Our policy is that if you can make it to us safely, we're here for you. If a STATE OF EMERGENCY is issued, or they start closing roads/schools, we will then be closed. There are NO credits to your weekly amount if we do close because of the above!

For the week(s) of the parents vacation, maternity leave, or extended leave, you are still required to pay full amount to hold your child's spot. In the event you will be enrolling your newborn (if spaces are available), you will be required to pay 1/2 the weekly fee for the new child also, from the time you go on leave. The registration and two week (full amount) deposit is also required.

Parents are responsible for finding backup care during provider's absences. There are a limited number of spaces available; therefore bi-weekly payments are not based on child's attendance. NO refunds are given for late arrivals, early departures, parental vacations, or exclusion due to illness, weather and holidays.


I will give you a separate list of Federal and State Holidays (with pay).


We will celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and Easter with parties. I will buy a gift for your child.


I may take candid pictures of the children at various times during the day. I may also put your child pictures on my daycare website. If you do not want your child picture to be on my website, please let me know.

Health and Safety Matters

Hand Washing

I will wash my and your child's hands before and after meals, after bathroom use, after nose blowing and wiping and after handling an ill child.

Toys and Equipment

I will sterilize toys and equipments weekly or as needed with the recommended bleach solution.

Fire Drills

Practice drills will be conducted a minimum of once a month and recorded.


Please do not bring your child if he/she is sick. The health and well being of all of the children here are the utmost importance to me. It is for the protection of the children that I must insist on a strict adherence to my illness policy.

Please read it carefully. SYMPTOMS REQUIRING REMOVAL OF CHILD FROM CHILD CARE (no exceptions)

Communicable Diseases

Not permitted by law in childcare; Some of these illnesses are, but not limited to: Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Impetigo, Hepatitis A, Scabies, Ringworm, Infectious Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Scarlet Fever, Lice, Strep Throat. If your child is thought to have a communicable disease, you will be notified and asked to pick him/her up. Your child will be accepted back into care when no longer contagious and must have a doctors note saying so. All other parents will be notified of possibility of a communicable disease and what symptoms to watch for.


Not permitted; A child needs to be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to childcare; that means the child is fever free without the aid of any fever reducing substance. Administering Tylenol to reduce your Childs fever so that you can bring him/her to daycare is grounds for termination.


Not permitted; Children may return to care 24 hours after beginning an antibiotic or needs to be diarrhea free for a minimum of 24 hours. Infants and toddlers with fevers and/or diarrhea pertaining to teething will only be accepted into care with a doctor's note, stating that these symptoms are due to teething.


Not permitted; If your child vomits while at daycare, you will be expected to come within the hour to pick your child up. The child must stay home until 24 hours have passed with no vomiting episodes.

Runny Nose

Your child may be brought to daycare if he/she has a common cold (slight occasional cough, clear runny nose, occasional sneezing) Discharge of any color other than clear is not acceptable in child care. A constant runny nose that lasts longer than a week and you suspect it may be due to allergies, I will require you to bring a doctors note stating the same.


Not permitted; Any rash other than diaper rash must accompany the child-to-child care with a note from the doctor stating it is not contagious.

Runny and/or Crusty Eyes

Not permitted; Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes are not acceptable in childcare under any circumstances.

Excessive Crankiness

If your child is irritable, excessively whining or crying, wants to be constantly held, or requires more attention than I can provide without jeopardizing the health, safety, or well being of the other children in my care, you must keep your child home regardless of the presence of other symptoms. If this occurs during childcare hours, you will be called to come pick up your child.


Not permitted back to childcare until after the second hair treatment.

24 Hour Rule

Your child must be free from any of the above symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours before you can return to childcare. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive and tell me your child's fever broke at noon the previous day, you will be asked to leave.

Please take the rules seriously. It is always best to call me and ask if you are unsure whether or not you may bring your child. Any infractions of the above rules and you will be called at work or school to come and pick up your child. Repeated calls to have you return to daycare to pick up your child may result in termination (with all fees due and payable). If someone in my family has any of the above symptoms, I will call you the previous evening, or as soon as I am aware of the situation, so that you may determine whether or not you want your child exposed to such symptoms. I will ask you to make other arrangements if I feel the illness in my family will hinder the quality of care I give your child.

Safe Sleep Policy

The SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) law of State of North Carolina requires to place babies 12 months and younger on their backs to sleep. I have undertaken service training in SIDS prevention. I will always put a healthy baby on the back to sleep. I will not switch baby from the back to the stomach or side. I will not use sofas, chairs, pillows, waterbeds or an adult bed. I will remove toys, stuffed animals, fluffy blankets and pillows from the crib when baby sleeps. I will not over-bundle or over-wrap the baby. I will use a light blanket. I will tuck it in along the sides and foot-end of the mattress. I will not cover baby face with blankets. I will set the room temperature between 68-72F.

You need to give me a written permission from a doctor if the baby must sleep on the stomach or side for medical reasons.

Illness/Emergency in My Family

Although I will make every attempt to be available each day, there may be an occasion(s) when I may fall ill or an emergency may arise and I am unable to provide service. You will be notified as soon as possible if this occurs. I strongly suggest that you have a substitute provider lined up for the times I am closed due to illness or emergency. When I must be away for a short time (1-4 hours), backup care will be provided either by my daughters or by my husband. My husband and daughters are authorized to carry out the terms of this handbook and service level agreement.

Medical Emergencies

In case of EMERGENCY, I will administer the necessary first aid required and an ambulance will be called and your child will be transported to the hospital. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ASAP. If an emergency caregiver cannot be located, you may be requested to pick up your child. All costs involved in emergency treatment and/or the cost of an ambulance is your responsibility. The owner/staff and my family of Angel Family Home Daycare cannot be held liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child while on these premises, or while the child is in the company of myself during outings. For minor injuries like bumps and bruises, I will provide home first aid and a report will be taken.


I will NOT administer medications without written permissions. You must take care of any and all medications needed by your children.

Weapon, Smoke & Pet Free Home

My facility is weapon, smoke and pet free home.

Backup Providers

I will try my level best to suggest alternate backup providers but I am not responsible to find backup care incase of daycare closing and/or sickness of a child. Please have a list of backup providers, friends, or family that you can call incase I am unable to work because I am sick, doctor appointment, emergency, vacation, etc.

House Rules

There are certain house rules that all children will be taught to follow. This is for the safety and well being of everyone. In addition, although I realize that I must expect a certain amount of wear and tear where children are concerned, I do not want my home to be spoiled.

  • NO shoes in the house beyond the immediate doorway.
  • NO running, jumping, or screaming inside the house.
  • NO hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting, pinching.
  • NO roughhousing, climbing, sitting on, pulling, or lifting/carrying other children. Children are not allowed to walk around with food, cups, or bottles.
  • NO standing or climbing on toys, chairs, tables, or furniture.
  • NO mistreatment of toys - i.e. standing on, responsible for the cost to replace toy if this happens.
  • NO going out the door or gate at anytime without adult.
  • NO name calling, teasing, swearing, bad language such as shut up, or potty talk.
  • NO gum allowed.
  • NO cars allowed in driveway if leaking anything, please park on the street.

Behavior Management & Discipline

The children are explained the rules of daycare frequently, so that they know the guidelines. Once a child understands the rules and disobeys them, hurts others, or property, the following techniques will be used:

Positive Reinforcement

The child will be encouraged when he/she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.


The child is redirected to another activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.

Time Out

The child is separated from the group for a regulated period of time. This is used only when child is exhibiting a temper tantrum type behavior or hurting self, others, or property. When child shows that he/she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, they are encouraged to join the rest of the group and try again.

Last Resort

When a child's behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to others, themselves, or myself a call will be placed to the parents for the child to be picked up. If problems persist and cannot be resolved, this can be a cause for termination of care (with all fees due and payable).


Care can be terminated with one month written notice. No other notice will be accepted.

Absences of more than one week without notification and/or payment will result in an automatic withdrawal. You will still be responsible any outstanding payment including vacation pay. Re-admittance, if accepted, will include all back pay including late fees.

If parent/guardian breeches service level agreement he/she will be liable for all collection, attorney, court, any/and all costs involved in breech. I will also give one-month notice if the child is to be terminated from care (with all fees due and payable). I reserve the right to terminate for the following reasons (but not limited to).

  • Lack of compliance with handbook policies
  • Failure to pay or pay on time
  • Failure to complete required forms
  • Lack of parental cooperation
  • Disrespect
  • False information given by parent either verbally or in writing
  • Consistent late pickups/early drop offs disrupting our routine
  • Failure of child to adjust to the child care after a reasonable amount of time
  • Physical or verbal; abuse of any person or property
  • My inability to meet Childs needs
  • Serious illness of child or provider

Immediate termination can occur for the above situations. If immediate termination is given by me for the above or any other reason to be at my discretion, any and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Supplies Needed

Parents are responsible for disposable diapers/pull-ups, wipes, bottles, formula and/or baby food, pack n' play crib (children under 2 yrs) and weather & play appropriate change of clothes (extra changes of clothes during potty training). Blanket, sheet or a big blanket that can act as both, for rest time. Any other necessary items (powder, ointment, etc). All supplies need to be marked with child's name! It is not necessary to bring eating utensils, cups, or dishes, as they will be supplied. If these items are brought, they must be marked with child's name.

NOTE: Please provide enough diapers and wipes. I will notify you when more are needed, if you do not provide enough diapers and I have to provide the supplies, you will be billed. Repeated failure to supply me with the above items or any other items as requested is grounds for termination (with all fees due and payable)


Children should arrive dressed for play! Having fun includes outdoor activities and can include messy activities, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Please do not expect me to constantly change your child's clothing from nice clothes to play clothes.

Potty Training

I will be more than happy to help with potty training provided that it is not done before the child is ready. Some signs to look for include appropriate language skills to communicate the need to use the potty, staying dry for long periods of time, the ability to dress and undress self, and interest in staying dry or clean. I take a very relaxed attitude towards potty training, children potty train easy when ready.

Parents must begin the toileting process at home (on vacation or weekend). If successful, I will follow up with toilet training here. During this time I require that children wear pull-ups only (no plastic pants) for health and safety reasons in my child care setting. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can distract your child from responding to an urge to use the potty, more so then at your home. Therefore, I will continue to use pull-ups until your child can and will announce that he/she must use the bathroom (not just at home, but here as well) and can control his/her bladder and bowels for a few minutes beyond that announcement. We will need to go two full weeks with no accidents here before putting your child in big girl or big boy underpants at childcare.

While your child is learning to use the potty please: No overalls, belts, buckles, snaps, buttons, or zippers. A second full set of spare clothing is required.

Diaper Changes

Diapers are checked every 1 1/2 - 2 hours or more frequently if required and are changed when needed. Hand washing of child and myself is performed after each change.


Lunch, all baby foods, special diet food, and formulas are supplied by the parents/guardians. You are responsible for feeding your child if he/she will arrive at childcare after the beginning/end of a mealtime. Infants are always fed on demand.

Breakfast, lunch and snack are served daily. If a child refuses to eat their meal, there will be no food served until the next designated meal/snack time. Please do not send food (half eaten breakfasts, candy, gum, soda, morning sippy cup etc) with the children, they will be disposed of. Formula/Baby Food must be prepared and provided by the parents. All containers of baby food or bottles must be labeled with child's name and any unused portions of bottles or baby food will be given back to you or discarded.

Special Diets

If a child has a particular dieting need, substantiated by medical evaluation, I must be informed and given a doctor's note. Substitute meals or snacks may then be brought in from home and is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide.


My main goal at Angel Family Home Daycare is to provide a variety of fun learning experiences for all of the children. I will be using a variety of activities like free play, reading, arts & crafts, music/singing, dancing, pretend play, puzzles are just some of the activities. I may have special music activities and may also play music during other activities; for example, during arts & crafts or meals. Some of the music we will be listening to is children songs (by a variety of artists), holiday music and others.

A typical Day (subject to change)



08:00-09:00 Arrival Time, Free Play
09:00-09:30 Snacks
09:30-11:00 (Circle Time) Reading, Songs, Arts & Crafts
11:00-11:45 Cleanup, Wash Up, Prepare Lunch, Video
12:15-12:30 Lunch
12:30-03:00 Cleanup, Wash Up
03:00-03:30 Nap/Quiet Time
08:00-09:00 Snack Time
03:30-05:00 Free Play, Music

TV Viewing

I allow TV viewing of educational or age appropriate video/shows.

Nap/Rest Time

All children under the age of 5 are to take a nap. No child is forced to sleep, however they must remain quiet and on their nap mat. No child is to be dropped off during naptime.

This schedule is just an example of our day, and is followed as closely as possible.

Child Abuse

As a childcare provider I am mandated by law to recognize and report any evidence of child abuse - physical or emotional - or neglect. If upon pickup I suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or other substance, I will not release the child to you. I will do one of the following: Call someone on your contact list; call a cab (your expense), or another arrangement of your choice. If you insist on taking the child anyway, I will have no choice but to call the police and/or child protective services. My first obligation is the safety and welfare of your child.

Daycare Cleaning Policy

Angel Family Home Daycare cleaning schedule

Everyday Ongoing Tasks

  • Keep clean and disinfect booster chairs, eating tables and chairs and play areas.
  • Wash dishes, clean and disinfect food prep stations
  • Clean and disinfect diaper changing table after every use.
  • Empty trash and diaper pails more than half full

Daily Cleaning Tasks

    Inspect and clean toys and equipment at the end of the day
  • Clean and disinfect sink and bathroom
  • Sweep and mop hard floors, vacuum

Weekly Tasks

  • Clean everything in storage bin/cubbies with disinfecting wipes
  • Launder nap mats, blankets
  • Clean refrigerators and appliances
  • Empty trash bin, clean behind toilets and under sinks and stepstools

Monthly Tasks

  • Facility Deep cleaning
  • Outdoor lawn moved
  • Bug repellent sprayed
  • Pine cone removed

Parents Involvements

In Angel family home daycare, parents interest and involvement is important in their child’s daily routine and learning process. My quality care depends on working closely with parents. I encourage parents and their families to get involved in their child’s learning. I keep parents informed of their child's daily activities by sending pictures and videos through WhatsApp group on a daily basis by focusing each child's interest, skills and needs. When parents are partners in our day-to-day activities, children learning abilities grow quicker. We celebrate special events like Birthdays, Eastern, Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Parents are encouraged to participate and attend daycare activities and special events. I allow parents and authorized relatives (visiting grandparents, uncles and aunts) to visit and spend time with their little ones.