Daycare facility

Facilities do not replace love for children but they are just as important.

Now substantially improved

  • Fully compliant with NC State regulations with respect to quality and safety.
  • Sanitized areas and equipments to ensure health and hygiene of children.
  • Regular fire drill for children as mandated by State of North Carolina.
  • Adequate open safe space for children to play outside, weather permitting.

Care for your child

I understand the emotions experienced by you in separating from infants. I provide a warm, nurturing environment, which will help to ease your mind during this period of separation. I pay careful attention to your instructions regarding feedings, naps, diapering and other concerns. I comply with NC State regulations for diapering sanitization instructions fully.

I will communicate information about your child's day to you through the use of a daily written record and by personal contact. A variety of activities will fill your child's day, including quiet and active play, fine and gross motor activities and visual and auditory stimulation.

In my family home daycare, your infant and babies are in an ideal small group size to develop strong attachments to me. I genuinely love babies and I am prepared to respond to their needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your baby will be able to eat and sleep when their own bodies dictate rather than a clock schedule but at the same time I provide them a predictable environment in which they will feel secure. Also, I provide them a safe yet stimulating environment in which they are free to explore as opposed to confining your babies to playpens or cribs for unreasonably long portions of the day.

I will take care of the special developmental, social, intellectual and physical needs of your child through cooperative group and parallel play, large and small motor skill activities and language development.

According to individual readiness and parents' instructions, I work with toddlers to develop self-help skills in eating and toilet training. Children will participate in dramatic play, music, arts and crafts, science and food experiences all geared to their level of interest and ability.

After I greet your child to my daycare, I interact with your child for following tentative activities but not limited to:


  • Schedule Feeding
  • Watch Short Cartoon Movies (two times per week)
  • Simple Craft for Fun Block Activities
  • Fun Games
  • Learning Rhymes
  • Alphabets Flashcards
  • A nursery rhyme or story with a corresponding project
  • Language development
  • Labeling and describing objects and events
  • Helping children put feelings into words


  • Read Stories
  • Simple Craft for Fun Block Activities
  • Watch short cartoon movies (two times per week)
  • Learning Alphabets
  • Spelling Scramble
  • Picture Book Dictionary
  • Elementary Math Games
  • Art Projects